Reiki - An Introduction
Much has been said and written about Reiki. While a great deal of it is fact, an element of fiction has also crept in to warp the nature of this alternate method of self-development and healing.

To get to the facts: 'Rei' means Universal and 'Ki' means life force energy. It is one of the 2000-odd ancient methods of healing described in ancient Buddhist scriptures. Reiki was revived by a Japanese Professor Usui approximately 200 years ago.

Intense personal experiences with this energy system, to which We were introduced as the 'cure for all ailments' have compelled me to highlight the element of self-development while introducing this topic.

It works on the principle that emotional disturbances create physical ailments and that once a balance is created between the physical, emotional and mental  planes of an individual, abundance will permeate the existence of one who surrenders them self  to the will of Reiki.

The events that follow thereafter may not typically be the ideal ones, but the ability to respond to them in a positive manner will definitely be enhanced. However, positive situations which are in a Reiki Channel's long term interest, will evolve and the process of seeking release from old 'karmic' backlog will be initiated. So while a lot of good will enter a Reiki Channel's existence, the ability to cope with the not-so-good develops and the individual emerges as a more 'complete' being.

How does reiki heal?

An initiation 'opens' the 'chakra' (crown) of an individual, thereby allowing the energy to flow in to all the main 'chakras' of the body - namely the throat, heart, third eye, solar plexus, saccral and root of the body.
All these control very specific emotions and issues that influence our entire personality and response to situations. The energy from these main 'chakras' is passed on to the numerous minor 'chakras' situated in different parts of the body and have a direct influence on the endocrine system of the body. The system that releases those miniscule quantities of mood trigger enzymes during menopause and PMT for instance.
Regular healings clear the emotional blocks which create discomfort in your physical existence. 
However, the quantum and rate of progress is dependant on past 'karmic' factors and overall long term interest, it vary from person to person.