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The team of Cyber World  after extensive survey and after having the opinion of hundreds of people from all category of society suggests you some sure shot tips to land on a dream job.

The first, foremost and most important instrument or as you may say that the most important arm in your armory is the CURRICULUM VITAE  (CV)


1. Include keywords and phrases relating to the industry/trade in each category
2. Be honest while analyzing your skills, try not to be arrogant or to be too modest. Always avoid exaggerating results.
3. It is up to you to judge the importance of information in your CV and have control over what to include and exclude.
4. Create a positive impression depending upon vocabulary and tone. Use words and phrases that are positive and not repetitive.
5. CV is a living document so ensure that you update it regularly

Its no longer enough to answer the advertisements and wait for offers to roll in. take charge of the hunt to grab your dream job.

You may be the right candidate and have just the perfect qualifications to offer the employer, but unless you take charge of your job hunting campaign, you are not likely to get a chance to prove this. Being great at a job is useless if you don't know how to market yourself. Employers today want much more. "They don't only look for qualifications, they will test your knowledge, skills and even behavior patterns before deciding whether or not you fit into the required role".
So looking for a job is not just picking up the newspapers ads, replying to the classifieds, its about creating interest and curiosity about you in the mind of potential recruiter.

Get Set , use tips from Cyber World and stop being just a face in the job seekers crowd, instead roll on and make a lasting impression while you shop for a job that you want.

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100 % working tips (updated regularly)

Demonstrate initiative, make the first move

Become the one in charge of getting you that job you want. Less then 20% of the jobs openings are advertised, which means that four out of every five jobs are only available for enterprising, self motivated people who show initiative and go out looking for a job.

Forget the newspapers, networking is the key

If you have only been tracking the newspapers, you definitely need to broaden your horizons and try new methods. Try to explore all the avenues and keep in mind that accurate and timely information, which can make the difference between finding the job and missing an opportunity. Check out the business magazines, tap the placement agencies and trusted associates, contact everyone, friends, relatives, former  co workers, university classmates, or even stranger on the net. You never know when you will get the mind blowing clue of your dream job

Treat your job search as a full time job occupation

There is no point in spending a couple of hours one day of the week and then trying again after a month. Instead if you are serious about  procuring a job then treat the search as a full time occupation. Even when you sitting back and relaxing at home , go for research, writing applications, posting CV on net, calling and following up.

CV is a fact sheet, to highlight your potential to a possible employer

A CV is a profile. How well is you match it with the organizations need is what will make the difference, not the paper or the front of the CV. Your aim should be to have your CV that gets you to the next stage of the recruitment process, this could be an informal meeting, a telephonic conversation or a formal interview. An ideal CV should not go beyond a page and must leverage your professional accomplishments rather then your personal history

Find more and more tips on Cyber World . The tips are being updated regularly.

We the people at Cyber World believe that every organization should have right people at the right places, so we will be glad to offer a hand of help to all the people who need dream  jobs and all the organization who need perfect employees.

All the Govt./private industry/trade/organization are requested to send their vacancies to us by email or by post so that we can suggest you the right candidate for the job.

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Drop in your resume at or mail it to our postal address.
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