Area - 71006.4 sq. kms.
Population - 21843911
Tribal Groups - 30 Tribes
Major Languages - Santhali, Kurukh, Mundari, Nagpuria, Kotha and Kurmali
Demographic Configuration :
Tribals - 27.6%, Sc - 13%
, Muslim - 13%, Settlers - 15%, Kurmi & Sadan - 31.4%

Sprawling on it's plateau, Jharkhand typifies the soul of India in time, this region conceals within it's bossom annals of civilizations that flourished for more than three thousand years in the southern part of Hazaribagh District.Dhanbad City - Jharkhand a sunset viewA rift formation has yielded stone tools of early man and several rock shelters containing geometrical type art in the form of petrographs which are identical to the undeciphered script of the Indus Valley (2500 - 3000 BC).
"KIKAT" Pradesh, according to the Rig veda, encompassing the territory of the Magadh in the Era of the Mahabharata (6 - 7th Century Bc), was located somewhere around the Parasnath Hill in Giridih District.
In Akbarnama (16th century AD), the Kikat Pradesh was known as "JHARKHAND" later, the British rulers named it Chotanagpur in the post Independence period. Chotanagpur was divided into four divisions - North Chotanagpur, South Chotanagpur, Palamau and Santhal Pargana - for Administrative purposes.
Dhanbad City - Jharkhand a hill view Since early days, many societies, cullture and dynasties flourished on it's regal soil the legacy of it's past survives in many caves and monuments left by the inhabitants of this land, each a cronicle of the glory of it's time and an imprint of the character of it's people and their rulers.
Today, the region - a curious blend of the tribal and non-tribal traditions; huts and sky scrapppers; green hills, forests, water falls, rivers and rivulets; awaits statehood promised by the Atal B
ihari Vajpayee Government.
More important, however, Jharkhand blends within its fold the great legacies of the Dravidian, Astro-Asiatic and Indo-Aryans these are evident in the spoken dialects which belong to three linguistic families - Indo - Europian of the non tribals, Astro-Asiatic of the Munda, Ho, Santhal, Kharia and Korwa Tribals; and Dravidian for the Oraon Tribals.

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