Satyananad Ashram
Near Bera Colliery , P.O.: Dhansar
Dhanbad Unit
Dhanbad - 828106
Tel.: 30-2126
Branch of Bihar Scool of Yoga, Ganga Darsshan , Munger

Contact : Swami Karmapa Mananda

Setup in 1972 by Parmahansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati for photgraphing Yoga amidst the coal field people. The Ashram is an oasis in the modern day society. It caters to those interested in Yoga for physical.mental and spritual devlopment. The Ashram is located at 6 kms from Dhanbad Railway Station and 3 kms from Joraphatak road junction.

The Ashram has been conducting Yoga camps in various areas and also in schools for children. These Yoga camps are organised by the people of Dhanbad/Jharia.

What is the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY)

The Bihar School of Yoga, Munger was founded in 1964 by Swami Satyananda Saraswati in holy memory of his guru Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh.,to disseminate yogic techniques and a yogic way of life on an international scale. When the school was first founded, it was commonly belived that it could only be practised by ascetics and renunciates,thus householders knew very little about it. BSY was the first institution of its kind to impart training in the practical techniques of all aspects of Yoga to householders as well as to sannyasins, regardless of sex,nationality,caste or religion beliefs. Now the school has a large following,hundreds of branches and affiliated centres throughout India and around the world.

Ashram activities

Swami Satyananda's method and techniques of integral Yoga are a synthesis of all approaches to personal devlopment and every aspirant has an oppurtunity to learn and practise them. But the core of the ashram life is Karma Yoga - selfless work performed mindfully for the sake of spirtual evolution. In the ashram, spirtual understanding arises during the course of the daily duties, and energy is not wasted in speculation at the expense of purposeful activities .

Karma Yoga

Duties are allocated to intimates and visitors are encouraged to join in any of the following activities: Cleaning, gardening, kitchen, office, writing, typing and any project currently in progress.

Yoga Therapy

For asthama, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestion problems, etc., according to invidual requirements.


The Ashram is situated at Bera Colliery, which is located at 6 kms from Dhanbad Railway Station and 3 kms from Joraphatak road junction. Taxis and rickshaws are easily available.

Visiting Hours

07.00 AM - 07.00 PM unless otherwise advised. Consultation by appointment only.

BSY Journals

"Yoga"(English) and "Yoga Vidya"(Hindi) are our monthly magzines. Yearly subscription Rs.50/- , Life Subscription Rs.300/- (with in India only)

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