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Need Blood
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Internet is not only about mail, Chatting and e-commerce, but We can also save lives.
There are many, who die only because of unavailability of required blood group.
These lives can be saved.
It will not affect you if you donate just 300 ml. blood from almost 5000 ml. of blood you have. But that 300 ml. means a new life to a person who has lost blood.
Even you will be benefited as production of new blood cells in a body, is good for health.
As a matter of fact Red Blood Cells life is only 120 days after that, they themselves get out of body.
So, its all baseless that you will become weak after donating blood.
Come  join  the donors who are contributing their bit to the betterment of mankind. Nation need people like you. appeals to all individuals, voluntary organisations, NGO's, service organisations, Lions and Rotarians to come forward in this effort to help the mankind by providing the lists of their members who are interested in donating blood.

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