Babies !! Babies!!

no hate, no race, no religion ...

They are away from barriers or boundaries... 

They are the closest thing to god.

This section of is totally dedicated to those who love babies.

It so happens that this site is also the perfect solution for people who are searching for an easy-to-use website which contains an (almost) exhaustive list of Indian Baby names (with meanings) for their precious new born baby.

The Cutest part about our this section of is our Cutest Babies section.

It contains the most Pyara and cutest babies you will ever see. If you have a baby picture, we are dying to display it on our web site. Please click here to find out how you can send us a picture of your baby - right now.

You will also find here  resources and information about Pregnancy, Nursery Rhymes, and generally lots of fun.

If you do happen to select a name for your precious little one from our site, please do let us know by
email (if and when your time permits, that is). Knowing that our site was of some assistance to you in choosing a name for your baby, is one of the greatest things that makes this whole site worth it.

We are constantly adding new baby names and cute baby pictures.

If you find a name (even your own name) missing, may we request you to kindly mail it to us at mailto:Baby@Dhanbad

We enjoyed creating this section
Hope you too will enjoy visiting our site.

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